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  • Installing SBT on an M1 Mac

    Turns out it’s pretty simple when you do it the right way: SDK Man is the way to go: And SBT should run without much trouble after that.

  • Phoenix (1.5) project Guide

    What follows is an extremely concise list of steps I’m keeping around for reference when setting up a new Elixir / Phoenix project with Tailwind, Alpine, and user auth. NOTE: Pretending the name of the app is “love_notes” Generate it mix love\_notes –live Use UUIDs in config/config.exs Setup Tailwind from Install Postcss In […]

  • React Native Animated Text

    On Cyber Monday I sprang for William Candillon’s course on animation with React Native. I love his style. And I like how beautiful his examples are. However, it took me a few minutes to understand that he’s basing all his work on two libraries, Redash, and Reanimated. These tools are super powerful, and I’m off […]