• Kotlin Async Gotcha

    Today I was hacking on a project with Ktor, and wanting to execute two operations in parallel, which can be done using the async function available on a CoroutineContext: But the compiler highlights the async calls and shows me this error: As far as I can tell, it’s saying that the type of the block […]

  • React Native Async Trouble

    This is a #DebugJournal post, which means you’re reading the notes I took in real-time while debugging the issue. It won’t read like a nicely put together tutorial, more like a boring field-journal. Multiple times now I’ve come to situations where React Native just hangs up, and stops execution of a promise or generator-based function […]

  • Installing SBT on an M1 Mac

    Turns out it’s pretty simple when you do it the right way: https://stackoverflow.com/a/66464892/1037043 SDK Man is the way to go: And SBT should run without much trouble after that.

  • Deploying Elixir to Render.com

    I’ve deployed a few different Elixir services to the hosting platform https://render.com and found their provided documentation to be lacking for real-world Phoenix apps. Especially if you’re using Live View. Here’s an augmentation to their guide with the extra steps you might be missing. Initial Setup Follow the official guide: https://render.com/docs/deploy-phoenix but don’t deploy your […]

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