• Jetbrains 👍

    In my new role as lead of the Android team for Day One at Automattic, I moved from writing ReScript in Visual Studio Code most of the time to writing Kotlin in Android Studio. I’ve used Jetbrains products in the past, and though I’ve been impressed with the capabilities of their software, I wasn’t in […]

  • Kotlin Async Gotcha

    Today I was hacking on a project with Ktor, and wanting to execute two operations in parallel, which can be done using the async function available on a CoroutineContext: But the compiler highlights the async calls and shows me this error: As far as I can tell, it’s saying that the type of the block […]

  • React Native Async Trouble

    This is a #DebugJournal post, which means you’re reading the notes I took in real-time while debugging the issue. It won’t read like a nicely put together tutorial, more like a boring field-journal. Multiple times now I’ve come to situations where React Native just hangs up, and stops execution of a promise or generator-based function […]

  • Installing SBT on an M1 Mac

    Turns out it’s pretty simple when you do it the right way: https://stackoverflow.com/a/66464892/1037043 SDK Man is the way to go: And SBT should run without much trouble after that.

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