• Deploying Elixir to Render.com

    I’ve deployed a few different Elixir services to the hosting platform https://render.com and found their provided documentation to be lacking for real-world Phoenix apps. Especially if you’re using Live View. Here’s an augmentation to their guide with the extra steps you might be missing. Initial Setup Follow the official guide: https://render.com/docs/deploy-phoenix but don’t deploy your […]

  • Authenticated Live View Tests

    I’ve been running through Pragmatic Studio’s Live View course, which I highly recommend, and wanted to make a specific note of how to authenticate users when writing Live View tests after adding phx_gen_auth to a Phoenix project. Happily, this is a very short post, because phx_gen_auth does all the work for you. When you’ve run […]

  • Phoenix (1.5) project Guide

    What follows is an extremely concise list of steps I’m keeping around for reference when setting up a new Elixir / Phoenix project with Tailwind, Alpine, and user auth. NOTE: Pretending the name of the app is “love_notes” Generate it mix phx.new love\_notes –live Use UUIDs in config/config.exs Setup Tailwind from https://pragmaticstudio.com/tutorials/adding-tailwind-css-to-phoenix Install Postcss In […]

  • Elixir and the Wall of Tests

    Here’s an experience I tend to have over and over: Generate a new Elixir / Phoenix project Use the super cool Phoenix generators to make a new model Change the model substantially Realize that the tests generated with the model are now super broken When I get into this situation running mix text produces a […]

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