Storytime Studio – WIP

One the projects I have in the crock pot, an iOS app designed to allow parents to easily record, playback, and sync bedtime stories between iOS devices.

Here's how it works for me. I can sit down with my kids, open the app on my phone, and record while I read a book to them. At bedtime I open the app on the iPad, and the story is available for download, ready play along with their other sleepy stories as they drift off into dreamland.

Screenshot of the list or recorded stories in the app, running in light mode.
Screenshot of the list or recorded stories in the app, running in light mode.

This app is a work-in-progress. Just the bare functionality is there at the moment, and I'm looking for feedback from users who'd like to try it for free while it's in development.

If you or someone you know is interested in testing, please email me:

Current features:

  • Record stories
  • Add a name, author, and emoji
  • Sync up to the cloud automatically
  • Download from the cloud on other devices
  • Playback stories in an infinite loop with the screen locked
  • Dark mode for nighttime listening

Ideas for the future:

  • Family & friend recording: generate and send a link to let someone else record a story in their Web browser that shows up right in your library
  • Record while the app is in the background
  • Shuffle playback for a random story order every night
  • Automatic equalization of the audio files, so that they all play back at about the same volume
  • Edit existing stories
  • Live volume visualizer while recording
  • Library of pre-recorded, high quality bedtimes stories for purchase and download
  • Android support