• On creating a development build of the Expo client

    I finally reached the point in development where it was time to add custom native code to a project and try out Expo’s development builds feature. I followed a YouTube video and the official Expo docs to make a build for my project, but was confused when the build finished and there was no “install” […]

  • Doing less, well

    Not to be confused with doing less well. This is a short post about software that does just what it’s supposed to. I have a lot of items in Things 3. Over the years, I’ve been frustrated by its lack of one feature or another and played with alternatives. But I keep coming back to […]

  • GitHub CoPilot is Good at SQL

    I’m reminded how quickly life can change when I check my blog and see that the last posts were about spending all of my time in Jetbrains products. I’m not using them much now. All my time is spent in VS Code, because I changed teams at https://automattic.com from working on Android to working on […]

  • Unpoly.js

    I’ve been doing a rapid build of a tool for creating team roadmaps at Automattic. We’ve got our plans spread out across P2s, and keeping track of what’s actually doing on is difficult, so naturally I yak-shaved by building a tool to help us build our tools faster. Speed of development has been key to […]

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