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  • GitHub CoPilot is Good at SQL

    I’m reminded how quickly life can change when I check my blog and see that the last posts were about spending all of my time in Jetbrains products. I’m not using them much now. All my time is spent in VS Code, because I changed teams at from working on Android to working on […]

  • Jetbrains 👍

    In my new role as lead of the Android team for Day One at Automattic, I moved from writing ReScript in Visual Studio Code most of the time to writing Kotlin in Android Studio. I’ve used Jetbrains products in the past, and though I’ve been impressed with the capabilities of their software, I wasn’t in […]

  • Installing SBT on an M1 Mac

    Turns out it’s pretty simple when you do it the right way: SDK Man is the way to go: And SBT should run without much trouble after that.

  • Phoenix (1.5) project Guide

    What follows is an extremely concise list of steps I’m keeping around for reference when setting up a new Elixir / Phoenix project with Tailwind, Alpine, and user auth. NOTE: Pretending the name of the app is “love_notes” Generate it mix love\_notes –live Use UUIDs in config/config.exs Setup Tailwind from Install Postcss In […]