Category: Debug with Me

  • Kotlin Async Gotcha

    Today I was hacking on a project with Ktor, and wanting to execute two operations in parallel, which can be done using the async function available on a CoroutineContext: But the compiler highlights the async calls and shows me this error: As far as I can tell, it’s saying that the type of the block […]

  • React Native Async Trouble

    This is a #DebugJournal post, which means you’re reading the notes I took in real-time while debugging the issue. It won’t read like a nicely put together tutorial, more like a boring field-journal. Multiple times now I’ve come to situations where React Native just hangs up, and stops execution of a promise or generator-based function […]

  • On Pagination and Sort Order

    The Bug 🐞 We’ve been testing the next generation of our sync engine at Day One prior to public release, and we found a funny bug. We have an endpoint for fetching a big list of entries that have changed since the last fetch. This endpoint is also how a new phone with no content […]

  • Don’t Make Me Tap Twice

    I’ve started rough work on a new app for digital “morning baskets”. While I just used Expo when starting Storytime (another app I have in-progress), I decided to give the famous Ignite boilerplate from Infinite Red a chance. In short, it’s fantastic. In just a few days of side-work time I’ve almost completed a fully-functioning […]